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About Us

CraftDojo was born in 2018 when two friends were having a quiet lunch in the heart of Subiaco, Western Australia. These two friends, Ross and Adrian, were talking about how popular Minecraft was, even after 10+ years in operation, particularly with the young generation of children in the school Ross worked at. 

With Ross being an experienced Teacher, he knew that Minecraft was not only fun, but the game provided both Literacy and Numeracy benefits to his students. From a STEAM  point of view (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics), he knew Minecraft was a great project to engage a full range of ability from the students. From researching and creating many projects, he'd seen a tremendous improvement in skills from the students conducting the projects. Their reasoning skills, application of times tables, creativity with materials and co-operation with others had developed through this platform, helping to develop their young minds. The social impact and educational impact was astounding!

Ross then took it upon himself to run some after-school workshops at his school to encourage further development and socializing amongst the students at his school. It immediately filled up, and got so popular that Ross had students (and parents) begging him to join! With maximum capacity and little time to run these at the school venue, an idea sparked...
"Why should we stop there... let's encourage as many people as we can to jump on board!"

Thus, with Ross'  in-depth game understanding & Adrian's technical experience - CraftDojo was born!

It is our hope that we can channel the love of creation, co-operation and education into each session, so that the students will then channel this into their everyday life. We see the importance of Literacy and Numeracy first hand and daily, Working with peers and collaborating as a part of a team is essential to being successful in the modern world.

Meet the CraftDojo Sensei's

Ross & Adrian

Our names are Ross and Adrian and we're the founders of CraftDojo Australia!

Whilst you may not catch Adrian out often (unless you're emailing or messaging us!), you'll find Ross floating around our Term venues!

Ross has been an experienced teacher for 14+ years, and is currently working at a local school in the Ellenbrook area. Ross is the mastermind behind the workshop challenges, and knows how to get the best out of his students! He can also be easily bribed with sweets if ever need be, even though he'll always say he's on a diet! 


Iris joined us in 2023 and has been playing Minecraft since she was 12 years of age. Minecraft was so interesting to Iris, so much that she even started her own Minecraft YouTube channel, creating content for a number of years!

Aside from her passion for Minecraft, she’s also very passionate about her music. When she's not playing Minecraft, Iris is working within the music industry singing and playing guitar in a band1

She loves that Minecraft is able to be a medium for young minds to express creativity and learn, hence why being a Sensei at Craftdojo was a dream for her! 


Josephine's been a CraftDojo Sensei since late 2023, and looks after our community at Currambine! While Josephine is currently studying at WAAPA, she LOVES her music (especially Jazz & contemporary styles), and plays the bass.

As she lived in a Minecraft-centric household in her younger years, from the early age of 10 she has been all into being creative online! She loves being able to talk with young minds about their thoughts of the world and their creativity, when building or recreating projects and challenges in club. 


Dafina joined the team in late 2022, and is our latest After School Sensei! Dafina is a big believer in game based learning, and is very passionate about being able to facilitate this for kids with Minecraft. As someone who is also passionate about mentorship and supporting others, she sees Craftdojo as a place where she can make a difference in the lives of kids. Dafina's favorite thing about working with kids is their imagination and problem-solving skills, and she finds it inspiring to see the limitless possibilities of their play.

In her off-time, she loves to watch Anime and is all about the Japanese life. Fun fact - she has also been playing the flute for over 11 years!


Paulo has been an avid Minecraft fan since its official release in 2011.
Since then, he's been interested in building cool castles and contraptions, but his favorite part has always been playing the game together with friends.
While he can't play as much as he did when he was younger, he's always trying to keep up with the latest updates to remind everyone why he's the sensei!

Paulo also loves fishing (just like in Minecraft!) and arcade games like Street Fighter that bring out his competitive streak


Anna joined the CraftDojo team in 2020, helping us where she can! While she's constantly learning more about the Minecraft World day-by-day, she knows her stuff, being a Teacher in the Perth Northern Suburbs for over 10 years. 

Unfortunately, sweets isn't the way to bribe Anna here. A simple but 'good' coffee is all it takes to win her over, but be warned... anything instant is a no-go!  

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