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Setup Minecraft on your own device

If you would like to be able to access Minecraft on your own device, then these instructions are for you!

Education Edition or Java Edition? 

We primarily run on Minecraft Java Edition for most venues as this gives us greater flexibility, however we may use Minecraft Education Edition at some school locations. If we request you to have your credentials available for the Education Edition, then please ensure that you have your child's email address login available for all classes. This will need to be logged in each time they attend their class. 

If you opted to BYO a laptop to any term classes using the Education Edition, you can download the Minecraft Education Edition right here. 

Minecraft Java Edition (all programs exc. Hocking)

We have the Java Edition preloaded on all our laptops for your kids to join us with. For those who have a laptop provided (all holiday classes, term classes if opted), we do provide you access to our loan accounts. These are to be used whilst Ninjas are playing in our class. If you would like them to be able to access our server afterwards, then use the below instructions to setup an account!

Step 1: Setup a Minecraft Account 

Our Server allows connection to all players who hold a Microsoft Account, and who has purchased Minecraft Java Edition.

To be able to play Minecraft at home, you will need a Microsoft Account, and have purchased a copy of Minecraft Java Edition.

To create a Minecraft Account from scratch, please use this guide to create a Microsoft Account.

If you have a Microsoft Account, please use this link to purchase the Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition. Please note the following;
- You will require a PC or Mac to play
- You only require the Base Game, not the Deluxe Collection

Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Microsoft Store itself (available on all Windows 10 or 11 PC's)

We recommend an Adult purchasing the game through their Microsoft Account, as parental controls are automatically enabled for children under 16 and disables connection to ANY multiplayer world. This can be difficult to disable, and we unfortunately cannot assist with these parental control issues. 

Once purchased, please take note of your Gamertag/Minecraft Screen Name as you will need to tell us this to allow you access to our server!

We can assist you in-class with connection errors to our server, however we cannot setup Microsoft Accounts on your behalf.

Step 2: Download Minecraft Java Edition

A Microsoft Account, along with Minecraft Java Edition activated (purchased) on it, will be required to download the game onto your PC. A Download option appears on the Minecraft Website once the game has been purchased. 

If your account has the game already activated, login here and click "Download Launcher" to install Minecraft.

Step 3: Set Up our Safe Server on your Minecraft Account

Once you have downloaded Minecraft, you will need to input our Server Details to connect to our servers. This process only needs to be done once, and is tied to your account. 

To setup our server on your Minecraft Account, please launch the game and click on Multiplayer Access

Click on "Add Server"

Add the following Servers to your account (you will need to do this seperately)

Creative (Term only)
Name: CraftDojo Creative
Server Address:

Survival (Term only)
Name: CraftDojo Survival
Server Address:

Note - if you are playing with us for the Holidays, there is a special Holiday Server that we use. The details of this are in your Ninja Handbooks that are given out in class. 
If you have lost your booket, please reach out to us for details. 

Once this is done, press done and you are then able to connect to our Server!

Creative/Survival Server NOTE: When first joining, we require your Gamertag/Minecraft Screen Name to "whitelist" you to our server and allow connection. If you are having the error code "You are not whitelisted on our server", please wait until your first face-to-face class or allow 48hrs from online class signup to have access. 

To find out your Minecraft Screen Name, open the Minecraft Launcher and take note at the screenshot below for your name!

If you are super keen on being whitelisted early, feel free to contact us to assist. 

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